Yea-Jyh Chen, Ph.D., RN

I am a Nursing Researcher and faculty, interested in identifying effective personalized self-care for chronic illness and oncology patients. Research projects I have been involved with include the detection of risk factors to rehospitalizations, and survival and prognostic outcome measures among patient populations with chronic lung disease in hospitals and communities, particularly those people with health disparities. My ultimate goal is to work toward building evidence-based nursing practice by better understanding strategies that improve patient-centered self-care from the healthcare facility to the individual’s home. 

  • NURS 60403 - Methods of Inquiry in Nursing
  • NURS 70630 - Research and Methods for Evidence Based Practice
  • NURS 70725 - Quantitative Research Methods in Nursing Research I
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 2005MSN, Case Western Reserve University, 2001BSN, Chung Shan Medical-Dental College, Taiwan, 1995ADN, Foo-Yin Junior College of Nursing and Medical Technology, Taiwan, 1989
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2014-2015, Faculty Excellence Award, Kent State UniversityNominated for Daisy Faculty Award, Kent State University College of NursingAcademic Research Enhancement Award, NIH/NCI & ARRA2005, MNRS/Sage Best Graduate Student Paper Award, WJNR, SAGE Publications2005, Nursing Research Award, Center for Research and Scholarship, CASE2004, Alumni Research Award, FPB SON Alumni Association at CASEPre-Doctoral Fellowship Award, the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation (CCKF) for International Scholarly Exchange in USA
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