Yvonne M. Smith Ph.D., RN, CNS

As an educator, I have taught several courses in the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. My current responsibilities include coordination of the Nursing and Health Care Management concentration in the MSN program. 

As a nurse researcher, my interest is in curriculum and instruction in nursing education. My previous mixed methods research explored nursing faculty perceptions of experiences, strategies and intensity while teaching in the online environment. Building on this work, I am interested in evaluating how building relationships in nursing education and practice influence both learning and practice related outcomes. I have participated in multiple self-studies of teaching practices as a qualitative research methodology.

  • NURS 60451 - Health Policy and Delivery Systems for Health Care Professionals
  • NURS 76299 - Clinical Scholar
  • NURS 60314 - Internship in Health Care Management
  • NURS 60024 - Health Care Organization Structure and Behavior
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2013 Excellence in Political Action Award, Ohio Nurses Association2007 Leadership for Academic Nursing Program, American Association of Colleges of Nursing2006 Outstanding Contribution to Nursing Award, Stark Carroll District Nurses Association2003 Excellence in Nursing Education Award, Ohio Nurses Association2001 Inducted into the Cornelius Leadership Congress, Ohio Nurses Association2001 Gubernatorial appointment to the Ohio Board of Nursing2000 Nurse of the Year for Nursing Support, Stark Carroll District Nurses Association1999 Dorothy A. Cornelius Award, Ohio Nurses Association1999 Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award, Sigma Theta Tau Delta Omega Chapter