Grant Services and Resources

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The Center for Nursing Research offers services, consultation and resources throughout all pre- and post-award phases of research including:

  • Grant development and consultation
  • Review of proposals
  • Methodological and statistical support
  • Manuscript review
  • Budget development assistance
  • Funding opportunities
  • Dissemination opportunities
  • Interagency and interoffice support
  • Student assistance with pre-doctoral awards

Current Areas of Funded Research and Scholarship

The following are currently funded areas of nursing research and scholarship:

  • Complementary & Alternative Health Therapies
  • Educational Instruction
  • Health Care Systems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Guided Imagery Interventions For Pain
  • Strategies for Helping Adolescents with a Parent in Hospice
  • Physical Activity for Nurses
  • Self-Care for Nurses and Nursing Students

For more information or assistance with your grant, contact Denise Karshner, Grants Administrator, at (330) 672-8836 or .


These resources may help you with your research.

Forms and Policies

Poster Templates

These templates can be used to develop poster presentations. There are 8 templates in total, a 3 column and a 4 column template for each combination of style/format below:

  • Template styles – Light and Bold. The Light templates have a white background and little splashes of color. The Bold templates have more color, a moderately darker background and white text.
  • Template formats – Modern and Traditional. The Modern format aligns the Poster Title to the left of the presentation and the logo to the right. The Traditional format aligns the Poster Title in the center and the logo to the left.

Example of the light poster template style
Light Style

Example of the bold poster template style
Bold Style

3 Column

4 Column


University Services

Kent State offers the following services to assist you in your research.

The Sponsored Programs Office of the Division of Research & Graduate Studies

  • Student and faculty assistance with obtaining public and private funding
  • Oversees all pre- and post-award activities
  • Sets forth standards for all research activity on campus
  • Has necessary forms for principal investigators to initiate and continue research projects

Institutional Review Board

  • Ensures that ethical principles are applied to any research project using human participants
  • Contact: Wendy L. Umberger, PhD, PMHCNS-BC (330) 672-8813 or

Library and Media Services

  • Offers award winning resources and staff
  • Assistance with locating nursing resources
  • Contact: Ryan McLaughlin  at

Center for Teaching and Learning (formerly Faculty Professional Development Center)

  • Located in Moulton Hall
  • Offers workshops on using technology for presentations

Statistical Consulting

  • Located at University Libraries (by appointment only)
  • Provides one-on-one statistical and qualitative software consulting services to all KSU faculty, staff and student researchers
  • Contact: Kristin Yeager at (330) 672-8548 or

Federal and Public Grant Resources

Nursing Research Associations and Foundational Resources