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Using the LCD projectors in 104 and 106    

  1. Obtain Key to Equipment Cabinet at Front Desk, Main Office, 113. Sign out.
  2. Obtain Laptop, Power Cords, etc. from from Susan or Carol in room 350 or Tina in room 214.
  3. Use key to unlock cabinet in room.
  4. There will be a white/light grey slender remote in top drawer or top shelf.Point the remote at projector in ceiling and press the POWER button once. You will be able to hear the projector starting up.
  5. There is one long black cord that comes out of the equipment cabinet - attach this to the back of your laptop, usually the connection spot is blue in color.
  6. Don’t forget to attach the battery backup power to the laptop.
  7. Turn on laptop.
  8. If there is a Log In box on your desk top screen, it is NOT necessary to log in to access PowerPoint. If you wish to access the CON server to enter the Share Drive, for example, you will need to log in with your CON name and password, just as in your office. If the Log In box is not visible, right click on the Red N at the bottom right of the task bar.Move your cursor up to Netware Login, at the top of the pop up menu,and click once. You will now see the familiar log in box. After entering name and password, continue as normal to access files.
  9. Open program such as PowerPoint. Insert floppy disk or CD and open file.
  10. If you cannot see the projection on both the screen on wall and on your laptop, you may need to toggle. Hold down the purple Function key on the bottom left of your keyboard while pressing the F8 key on the to prow of your keyboard. You may need to do this a few times. (On some older laptops, the top key to press is F5)
  11. If you still do not see any projection in the screen, the input may be in video mode. On the remote, press the RGB button while looking at the screen.There is an RGB1 auto and an RGB2 auto input mode. Wait a few seconds after each press. It may take a little while to switch modes. You should see your projected image in RGB1.
  12. When you are finished with your presentation, point the remote at the projector in the ceiling and press the POWER button twice. The light will go out, but you will continue to hear the fan running for a short time while it cools down.
  13. Close the program on the laptop and shut down using the START - SHUT DOWN taskbar buttons.
  14. Detach the cord from the back of the laptop and hang on hook on side of cabinet.
  15. Detach battery backup pak and cord. Place laptop and battery pak back in case to return to Room 214 or 350.
  16. Place remote in top drawer or on top shelf of cabinet.
  17. LOCK CABINET!! Return key to Front Desk, Main Office, Room 113
  18. Return laptop and all power cords to Susan or Carol in room 350.