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Instructions for Sharp Projectors and Laptops on Carts in Room 350    

  1. Check to make sure all connections are tight.

  2. Plug the one loose large black cord into wall socket.

  3. Turn on projector FIRST, pressing the round ON button on top.

  4. Turn on laptop.

  5. Open program as normal, such as PowerPoint, by clicking on the desktop icon. Insert floppy disk or CD and open file.

  6. It is NOT necessary to log in to access PowerPoint. However, if you wish to access the CON server to enter the Share Drive for example, you will need to log in. Right click on the Red N at the bottom right of the taskbar. Move your cursor up to Netware Login, at the top of the pop up menu, and click once. You will now see the familiar log in box. Enter your name and password as it is on your office computer and you can access the Share Drive. Continue as normal to access files.

  7. Ifyou cannot see the projection on both the screen on wall and on your laptop, you may need to toggle. Hold down the purple Function key (FN) on the bottom left of your keyboard while pressing the F8 (crt/lcd) key on the top row of your keyboard. You may need to do this a few times.

  8. When you are finished with your presentation, turn off the projector by pressing the OFF button TWICE on top of projector. You will hear the fan continue to run in order to cool down the lamp bulb. Please do not unplug from the wall socket until the fan stops running.

  9. Close the program on the laptop and shut down using the START - SHUT DOWN taskbar buttons.

  10. Unplug cord from wall socket, wrap cord neatly around cart, and if you took anything apart, please put it back together.

  11. Return cart to Room 350.