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Using the VCR in rooms 104 and 106    

Needed Items

  1. Bring desired video to play.
  2. Obtain cabinet key from receptionist in room 113
  3. Black VCR remote (found in cabinet)
  4. White remote control (found in cabinet).


  1. Open cabinet and turn on power on the receiver (located underneath the VCR in 106 and on the top shelf in 104). The power button is located on the bottom right corner.
  2. Turn on the projector by aiming the white remote control at the projector on the ceiling and pressing the red power button. It will take about 30 seconds for the projector bulb to warm up and display.
    1. If you are using the VCR and the computer for PowerPoint you can toggle between the two by pressing the video button or RGB button on the remote control. You do not need to turn of the computer or VCR to play the other.
  3. Press video button on the white remote while aiming remote at the projector.
  4. Insert tape and press play on the black remote.
  5. Adjust sound quality by using the dials on the receiver in the cabinet.

Turning off

  1. Turn off projector. Use the white remote and press the power button 2x quickly. The unit will turnoff. If the screen does not go blank, hold the power button down for about 5 seconds. In either case the fan will continue to run for several minutes until the unit is cool.
  2. Turn off the power on the receiver in the cabinet.
  3. Return white and black remote controls to cabinet.
  4. Remove video tape.
  5. Lock cabinet and return key to 113.


  1. There is no picture or the picture is scrambled.
    1. Using the white remote press the video button (it has a v on the button). Select "picture", toggle until "video/auto-1"appears on the screen in the upper right corner. The image may take5-10 seconds to appear so be patient before toggling again. Be sure it is on video/audio 1 and not S video/auto 1