Bachelor of Arts in Pan-African Studies

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The Bachelor of Arts in Pan-African Studies consists of four concentrations: Community Activisim, Strategy and Development; Global and Government Systems; Race, Sex and Gender; and Arts in Culture and Society.

Community Activism, Strategy and Development

The Community Activisim, Strategy and Development concentration focuses on both historical and contemporary efforts to effect change in communities of color.  It examines ways in which disasporic communities and individuals have coordinated political and social strategies for survival and development in spite of racism and socio-economic challenges.  In addition to preparing students to work in areas such as education, law, public service, social work, research, business, grant-writing, and community organizing and development, this concentration provides a good foundation for those interested in graduate studies. 

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Global and Government Systems

The Global and Government Systems concentration focuses on historical and contemporary culture and politics of people of African descent in Africa and throughout the world.  Using an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment, working in areas such as education, law, research public health, international studies, political science, justice studies, foreign service and business.

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Race, Sex and Gender

The Race, Sex and Gender concentration focuses on the intersection of race, sex and/or gender primarily, through not exclusively, from the perspective of people of color.  It examines issues of identity for both the individual and community.  This concentration prepares students to work in areas such as education, advocacy, social work, counseling, multicultural programming and student support services; it is also a good foundation for graduate study.

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Arts in Culture and Society

The Arts in Culture and Society concentration focuses on the study of people of African descent in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East through the study of literature, arts and culture with some emphasis on popular as well as non-literary cultural expressions.  This concentration provides insights into the challenges black communities face as well as their creativity.  Career opportunities include such areas as the arts, museums, writing, multicultural programming and administration, and theatre work.  This concentration also provides a good foundation for those interested in continuing to graduate school in ethnic studies, art, education, comparative literature, and global and world studies. 

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Program Requirements

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