Shannon Christen-Syed

Shannon Christen-Syed holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Master’s in English from Kent State University. She has experience teaching at both the high school and college levels. At the college level, she teaches face-to-face Pan-African sections of English courses (College Writing I and II) and online Pan-African Studies courses ranging from The Legacy of Slavery to Oral & Written Discourses. Her primary research and specializations include African American literature, Diversity and Social Justice Education, and Composition and e-Learning pedagogy.

Professor Christen-Syed is very passionate about teaching and learning. Here is her philosophy of education:

  1. All students can be literate members of a diverse society with the ability to communicate effectively in everyday life.
  2. All students can develop the thinking, reading, composing, and speaking skills necessary to participate successfully in the public sphere as students, workers, citizens, and life-long learners.
  3. Participation in a learning community fosters social, civic, emotional, and intellectual growth.
  4. Diverse instructional materials, strategies, and environments enhance learning.
  5. Teachers are leaders and inventors; students are volunteers and workers.
  6. Teaching is an art, as well as a craft, and the teacher-student relationship is at its heart.
B.A. in English, Kent State University, 1998M.A. in English, Kent State University, 2002M.A. in Teaching, Kent State University, 2004
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