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7 -05.3

Administrative policy regarding student leader compensation

(A)       Introduction.


(1)       Many students actively participate in co-curricular activities to which they devote a great deal of their time. The university recognizes the importance of leadership roles and their educative value. Through such participation, students gain experience that will be of value to them as they prepare for a career.


(2)       The student leader development fee provides monetary compensation for forty-three designated leadership positions. The student leader development fee also provides for leadership training. The leadership training will be comprehensive in scope with a focus on the multiple aspects of leadership. The office of campus life staff members and designated student leaders will be responsible for the development and implementation of the student leadership training experience.


(3)       Participants in co-curricular activities at Kent state University provide integral services to the university. Procedural and programmatic responsibilities are delegated to the student leaders who, with training and guidance, fund, plan, and implement a major portion of the programming on campus.


(4)       Interest, dedication and the desire to contribute are forerunners to the acceptance of a student leader position. Financial compensation is merely and additional benefit in recognition of the co-curricular requirements of certain positions and should not be constructed as an incentive for seeking a position.


(5)       Co-curricular leadership positions vary in the service provided to the university and their inherent ability to promote the university's mission. Compensation should be based upon the individual leadership position and relative contribution. The following are the university guidelines for awarding financial compensation to designated student leadership positions.


(B)       Guidelines


(1)       Undergraduate students.


(a)       Any student participating in a registered student organization under the purview of the office of campus life with the exception of the "Daily Kent Stater" (the newspaper) will be eligible for compensation as defined below. The rate of compensation for all staff members of student publications funded by the student media policy committee shall be determined by that committee. Kent interhall council shall determine the rate of compensation for its members. Kent interhall council compensation shall come from Kent interhall council and residence services funds


(b)       Compensation for leadership positions shall range form access to student consultation with the office of campus life staff for member of registered student organizations to monetary compensation. The total range and form of student leader compensation is contained on the student leader compensation matrix


(c)        At the discretion of the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs, a committee can be appointed to review the student leader compensation. The committee shall make recommendations for changes in the policy and/or positions to the vice president for final approval.


(d)       The director of the office of campus life will monitor the performances of the student leaders pursuant to their job descriptions and shall be empowered to veto payment to those individuals who fail to perform at a minimum level.


(e)       Student leader compensation will be funded under a separate line-item in the general fund entitled "leadership grants" by the student leader development fee." No additional monies generated by the organization may be used for student leader compensation.


(2)       Graduate students.


(a)       The maximum per cent of the total in student activities fees available for student leader compensation may be only fifteen per cent at the graduate level.


(b)       The maximum funding for a student at the graduate level should be three thousand five hundred dollars per academic year for the chairperson and at appropriate levels for others as permitted by the fifteen per cent limitation as stated in paragraph (B)(2)(a) of this rule.


(3)       The student media policy committee, Kent interhall council and the graduate student senate shall establish specific guidelines for funding students in the student leadership positions that fall under their purview. These guidelines shall establish the application procedure as well as the procedures and criteria that will be used to determine positions funded.


(4)       These guidelines address only student leader compensation and not part-time hourly employment. Hourly employment classifications fall outside the boundaries of this rule and are governed by the rules regarding student employment.


(5)       Student leaders wishing to receive academic credit for their participation and experiences through independent study or an internship must make the necessary arrangements and receive credit through an academic department.


(6)       Compensation for undergraduate student leaders.


(a)       Student leader compensation will be in the form of credit toward tuition charges. The compensation will be processed in two installments. The first installment will consist of three-fourths of a compensation which will be applied toward tuition at the beginning of the applicable semester. The second installment will be applied toward tuition at the end of the semester, when all applicable requirements have been determined to have been fulfilled.


(b)       Student leader compensation may be applied toward other university charges (lab fees, room and/or board fees, etc.), if tuition is paid through scholarships or other financial aid rewards. Should excess compensation remain after all outstanding university charges have been paid, the student leader may receive the remaining compensation as a refund.


(7)       Summer compensation.


(a)       The executive director of undergraduate student senate and the president of the all-campus programming board are not eligible for summer compensation. However, they can receive hourly wages with approval by the director of campus life. The president of Kent interhall council may be compensated up to a maximum of one thousand dollars for the summer term. This figure is based on the premise that the job requires a comparable amount of time as does a typical summer job.


(b)       An objective means of evaluating the performance of the executive director and the president of Kent interhall council shall be arrived at by the campus life director and the undergraduate student senate or Kent interhall council respectively before the summer term.


(8)       The payment of compensation to student leaders shall be in accordance with all applicable policies, procedures and rules of the university.


Effective: June 1, 2007  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 5/14/1982, 10/16/1985, 3/28/1986, 8/18/1995, 10/4/1996, 3/7/2000  

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