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Askat Dukenbaev

PhD candidate


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, Kent State University, U.S.A. (the degree is expected in 2013). Dissertation topic: “Understanding Electoral Behavior in post-Soviet Central Asia: Why Do Citizens Participate in the Flawed Elections?”
  • Master of Science by Research (in Politics), University of Edinburgh, the United Kingdom, 2001. Thesis topic: “Political liberalization and the rise of nationalism: the case of Kyrgyzstan”
  • MPA program, Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East, Turkey, 1998
  • Undergraduate degree in History, The Faculty of History, Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyz Republic, 1993

Research interests and scholarly activities:

My research interests include political participation and democratization, state and nation building, public policy making and public administration reform in the Kyrgyz Republic and other post-Soviet countries. My PhD dissertation is on factors influencing electoral participation and voting behavior in the countries of post-Soviet Central Asia, with a focus on the Kyrgyz Republic (1991 – 2012). I have published on politics, public administration, and higher education of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, and have regularly commented on pressing public policy issues of Kyrgyzstan in various national and international mass media outlets.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

List of Publications (selected):

·        Youth and Education in Central Asia (co-authored with Martha C. Merrill). In Alexander Warkotsch, ed. The European Union and Central Asia. London and New York: Routledge, 2011, pp. 115-131.

·        Book Review: Kazakistan'ın Yeniden Doğuşu: 1986 Aralık Olayları [Rebirth of Kazakhstan: The December 1986 Events]. By Abdulvahap Kara. Istanbul: Ufuk Ötesi Yayınları, 2006. 176 pp. In CENTRAL ASIAN SURVEY, Vol. 26, Issue 3, September 2007, pp.450-453.

·        Politics and Public Policy in the Post-Soviet Central Asia: the Case of Higher Education Reform in Kyrgyzstan (research report). CENTRAL EURASIAN STUDIES REVIEW, Vol.3, Issue 2, Spring 2004.

·        Understanding Politics in Kyrgyzstan (co-authored with William W. Hansen). DEMSTAR Research Report No. 16, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus, October 2003.

·        State Bureaucracy in Kyrgyzstan: Problems and Perspectives. In “The Nature of University Education and Research: Conference Proceedings” (May 30, 1999). - Bishkek: American University in Kyrgyzstan, 1999, pp.229-233.

·        Genezis i razvitie antibyurokraticheskih tradizii [v Kyrgzystane] (Genesis and Development of the Anti-Bureaucratic Traditionsin Kyrgyzstan), Journal “Logos”, Issue 2, 1999, pp.42-48 (in Russian).

International conference papers:

·    The 50th Annual Convention of the International Studies Society (ISA). Paper presented: “State Institutions and Prospects of Democratisation in Kyrgyzstan” (New York, NY, February 2009)

·    The 64th Annual National Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA). Discussant for panel Former Soviet Central Asia Under the Spotlight” (Chicago, Illinois, April 2006) 

·    International Workshop on Socioeconomic and Political Challenges in the Middle East and Central and East Asia. Paper presented: “Problems and Perspectives of Decentralization in Kyrgyzstan” (Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, May 2004)

·    The 11th Annual Conference of the Network of Institutions and Schools in Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee): “Enhancing the Capacities to Govern: Challenges facing the CEE countries.” Paper presented: “Bureaucrats, Politicians and Public Policy Formation in post Soviet Central Asia: Case of Kyrgyzstan” (Bucharest, Romania, April 2003)

·    Third Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS). Paper presented: “Politico-Administrative Relations in Kyrgyzstan: Theory and Practice” (the University of Wisconsin-Madison, October 2002)

·     The 8th International Conference on Central Asia and the Caucasus  “Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future” (Tehran, Iran). Paper presented: “Politico-administrative relations in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Case of Kyrgyzstan.” (June 2000)

·     The 8th NISPAcee Annual Conference: “Ten Years of Transition: Prospects and Challenges of the Future for Public Administration” (Budapest, Hungary). Paper presented: “Politico-Administrative Relations and Prospects of Democratization in post-Soviet Central Asia” (April 2000).

·     The 7th NISPAcee Annual Conference: “Improving Relations Between the Administration and the Public” (Sofia, Bulgaria). Paper presented: “Public Administration reform in Kyrgyzstan: Problems and Prospects” (March 1999)

Askat Dukenbaev
Department of Political Science