Mission & Planning


From its roots as one of Ohio's original four-corner universities, Kent State University celebrates 100-years of teaching and research excellence to serve the public good -- service which will continue into its second century and beyond. Kent State aspires to distinguish itself as a magnet for high-achieving students. Kent State is a traditional, selective, residential public research university; it is also a multicampus university, with open access on its Regional Campuses to serve local communities in Northeast Ohio.

Mission Statement 

The mission of Kent State University is to discover, create, apply and share knowledge, as well as to foster ethical and humanitarian values in the service of Ohio and the global community. As an eight-campus educational system, Kent State offers a broad array of academic programs to engage students in diverse learning environments that educate them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship and productive careers.


Kent State University will change lives by encouraging outstanding teaching and innovative learning opportunities, by cultivating excellence in all we do, and by seeking greater access and affordability for our students. Kent State shall expand its dynamic leadership through recognized scholarship and path-breaking research, through increased levels of external support leading to new discoveries and economic development, and through partnerships with other institutions and organizations in the pursuit of academic excellence. To further these common goals, faculty, staff and students, as well as our alumni and community supporters, shall serve as collaborative partners in advancing Kent State's status as a model for 21st-century public higher education.

Core Values 

Kent State is a supportive and inclusive learning community devoted to teaching excellence, first-tier scholarship and academic freedom. Together, these core values are at the center of all that we do across the eight campuses of Kent State University. To fulfill our mission, we value: 

  • Student success through diverse and stimulating learning environments that provide opportunities for every student to reach her or his potential. 
  • Access to instructional, intellectual and cultural resources for a broad constituency. 
  • Collaborations and partnerships with other institutions, organizations and communities to bring together diverse talents, experiences and resources. 
  • Discovery, creativity and innovation in scholarship and research that advance the frontiers of knowledge. 
  • Higher education as a powerful force for personal, social and global change. 
  • Academic freedom as the foundation necessary for critical inquiry in a democratic society. 
  • Integrity in all of our actions and communications. 
  • Our identity as a comprehensive, multicampus, public research university with a distinctive heritage and a commitment to service. 
  • Diverse backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and ideas. 
  • Fiscal responsibility in decision making to support access to an affordable college education.
  • Strategic Goals
  • Key objectives define the direction of Kent State University. Our strategic goals and principles are to: 
  • Focus on those we serve, especially our students; 
  • Advance innovation and excellence in teaching to support student success; 
  • Promote excellence in research and creative endeavors; 
  • Engage with the world beyond our campuses; 
  • Build and sustain relationships and economic development opportunities with our alumni, communities and businesses that foster success for them and for Ohio; and 
  • Secure our financial future through efficient management, increased levels of external funding and building a strong endowment.