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RFP #1334 Investment Advisory Services February 24, 2017 Larry Mcwilliams
RFP #1338 Furniture for Prentice and Dunbar Hall Lounges March 2, 2017 Larry McWiliiams
RFP #1339 Furniture for Lake and Olson Hall Lounges March 2, 2017 Larry McWilliams
RFP #1340 Enrollment Marketing/Student Search Services for Kent State university February 28, 2017 Larry McWilliams
RFP #1337 Remote Live Proctoring and Automated Test Proctoring Service March 14, 2017      Larry McWilliams
RFP #1342 Aircraft Avionics Upgrade, Kent State University March 8, 2017 Janet Schramm
RFP #1345 Red Hat Implementation Services March 7, 2017 Larry McWilliams