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RFP #1352 Provide Athletic Insurance for Kent State University April 27, 2017 Larry McWilliams
RFP #1354 Supply and Deliver Athletic Medical Supplies for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics May 4, 2017 Larry McWilliams
RFP #1353 Graduate Outcomes Survey May 2, 2017 Larry McWilliams
RFP #1355 Pinning of medco KeyMark Lock Cores Kent State University April 25, 2017 Janet Schramm
RFP #1362 Occasional Moving Services as Required by the Office of the University Architect April 27 2017 Larry McWilliams
RFP #1363 Kubota Utility Vehicle(s) RTV-X1100 Kent State university Stark Campus May 9, 2017 Janet Schramm
RFP #1356 Sideline Headset System for Football, Kent State University May 17, 2017 Janet Schramm
RFP #1359 Media Monitoring, Kent State University May 12, 2017 Janet Schramm
RFP #1357 Custodial Cleaning Equipment, kent State University, University Facilities Management May 12, 2017 Janet Schramm