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Jean Engohang-Ndong

Assistant Professor
Ph.D, Lille University of Science and Technology (France)
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities
Jean Engohang-Ndong. 2012. Antimycobacterial drugs currently in phase II clinical trials and preclinical Phase for tuberculosis treatment. Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs. (Sep 19. [Epub ahead of print])

Wang S., Jean Engohang-Ndong, Issar Smith. 2007. Structure of the DNA-Binding Domain of the Response Regulator PhoP from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Biochemistry. 46(51):14751-61

Fréderic Frénois, Jean Engohang-Ndong, Camille Locht, Alain R. Baulard and Vincent Villeret. 2004. Crystal structure of the regulator EthR in a ligand bound conformation reveals therapeutic perspectives against tuberculosis and leprosy. Molecular Cell. 16(2): 301-307.

Jean Engohang-Ndong, David Baillat, Marc Aumercier, Flore Bellefontaine, Gurdyal S. Besra, Camille Locht and Alain R. Baulard. 2004. EthR, a repressor of the TetR/CamR family implicated in ethionamide resistance in mycobacteria, hexamerizes cooperatively on its operator. Molecular Microbiology. 51(1): 175-188.

Alain R. Baulard, Sudagar S. Gurcha, Jean Engohang-Ndong, Kamila Gouffi, Camille Locht, and Gurdyal S. Besra. 2003. In vivo interaction between the polyprenol phosphate mannose synthase Ppm1 and the integral membrane protein Ppm2 from Mycobacterium smegmatis revealed by a bacterial two-hybrid system. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 278(4): 2242-2248.

Alain R. Baulard, Joanna C. Betts, Jean Engohang-Ndong, Selwyn Quan, Ruth A. McAdam, Patrick J. Brennan, Camille Locht, and Gurdyal S. Besra. 2000. Activation of the pro-drug ethionamide is regulated in mycobacteria. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 275(36): 28326-28331.

Books (Co-author) Jean Engohang-Ndong, S. Allred, D. Cox, and Wendy Ribeiro. 2009. Test bank for Biology Today and Tomorrow, third edition. Belmont CA. Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning.
Research Areas
  • Surface water quality,
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis
  • Disease control and Drug discovery
American Society for Microbiology
Jean Engohang-Ndong
Department of Biological Sciences
Center for Ecology and Natural Resources Sustainability
Phone: 330-339-3391
Fax: 330-339-3321
Spring 2014
  • BSCI 10110 - 800 Biological Diversity
  • BSCI 20021 - 800 Basic Microbiology
  • BSCI 20022 - 800 Basic Microbiology Laboratory
  • BSCI 40099 - 002 Senior Honors Thesis
Summer 2014
  • BSCI 10001 - 840 Human Biology
  • BSCI 10002 - 600 Life On Planet Earth