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Jeremy Green

Assistant Professor
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Green, Jeremy L. 2011. Bone and dental histology of Late Triassic dicynodonts from North America. Chapter 7 in Forerunners of Mammals: Radiation, Biology, Histology (A.Chinsamy-Turan, ed.). Indiana University Press.

Green, Jeremy L., Schweitzer, Mary H. and Lamm, Ellen-Therese. 2010. Limb bone histology and growth in Placerias hesternus (Therapsida: Anomodontia) from the Upper Triassic of North America. Palaeontology 53: 347-364.

Green, Jeremy L. 2009. Dental microwear in the orthodentine of the Xenarthra (Mammalia) and its use in reconstructing the palaeodiet of extinct taxa: the case study of Nothrotheriops shastensis (Xenarthra, Tardigrada, Nothrotheriidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 156: 201-222.

Green, Jeremy L. 2009. Intertooth variation in orthodentine microwear in armadillos (Cingulata) and tree sloths (Pilosa). Journal of Mammalogy 90: 768-778.

Green, Jeremy L. and Hulbert, Richard C., Jr. 2005. The deciduous premolars of Mammut americanum (Mammalia, Proboscidea).  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology25: 702-715.

Green, Jeremy L., Semprebon, Gina M. and Solounias, Nikos, 2005, Reconstructing the palaeodiet of Florida Mammut americanum via low-magnification stereomicroscopy, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 223: 34-48.


Research Areas
  • Vertebrate Paleontology
  • Paleoecology
  • Synapsid Evolution and Extinction

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Geological Society of America

Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society

Jeremy Green
Department of Geology

ST142 Tuscarawas Campus

Mondays, Wednesdays: 11am - 1pm

Tuesdays: 10am-2pm

Thursdays: 9-11 am

Or by appointment

Phone: 330-308-7563
Fax: 330-339-3321
Spring 2014
  • GEOL 11040 - 800 Earth Dynamics
  • GEOL 11041 - 800 Earth Dynamics Laboratory
  • GEOL 21080 - 800 Oceanography
  • GEOL 41079 - 800 All About Dinosaurs
Summer 2014
  • GEOL 21080 - 820 Oceanography
Fall 2014
  • GEOL 11040 - 850 How The Earth Works
  • GEOL 11042 - 800 Earth And Life Through Time
  • GEOL 40095 - 800 Selected Topics In Geology
  • GEOL 50095 - 800 Selected Topics In Geology