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Jingzen (Ginger) Yang, Ph.D

Associate Professor - Social & Behavioral Sciences


PhD, Health Behavior and Health Education (minor: Biostatistics), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004.

MPH, Applied Health Sciences, Indiana University at Bloomington, 2000.


Dr. Yang joined the faculty of Kent State University College of Public Health in August 2012. Prior to arrival KSU, Dr. Yang was a tenured Associate Professor at the Department of Community and Behavioral Health, College of Public Health, University of Iowa. Dr. Yang’s research has primarily focused on injury and violence prevention and control among youth and adolescents, specifically sports injury prevention and control. During the eight years that she was on the University of Iowa faculty, she was actively involved in the Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC), one of 11 CDC funded centers of excellence. She has established a successful record in interdisciplinary collaborative research on sports injury and has directed a multi-site study that involved Division I intercollegiate athletes. She has also built strong methodological skills through involvement in a wide range of other injury prevention intervention and evaluation research projects, including randomized trials on residential fire prevention, effective parent-teen communication on teen driving safety, and a hospital based program to help birthing mothers cope with stress associated with infant crying.  She has been PI, Co-PI, or an investigator on 16 grants or contracts, with the majority of these funded by the CDC, NIH, or NIOSH. She has been a lead or co-author of over 70 peer reviewed papers and book chapters. In 2010, she was appointed to serve on the Major League Baseball Injury Research Committee, which provides guidance in injury research among professional baseball players.  Dr. Yang has had many years of teaching experience at the university level both in the United States and in China. She teaches and mentors both graduate and undergraduate students.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

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Research Areas
  • • Sports and recreation-related injuries
  • • Injury and psychological impact
  • • Injury and violence prevention and control among children and young adults
  • • Dissemination and implementation science in injury prevention and control
Jingzen (Ginger) Yang, Ph.D
College of Public Health
PO Box 5190
Phone: 330-672-2679
Fax: 330-672-6505