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Dr. M. Karen Powers

Associate Professor
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

"Feminist Historiography, Epideictic Rhetoric, and the Kent State Shootings: Controversy, Commemoration, and Culpability."  Concord and Controversy.  Ed. Antonio de Velasco and Melody Lehn.  Long Grove, IL:  Waveland Press, 2011.  61-71.  Print.

"Loyalty Oaths and the Letter of the Law:  Rhetoric, Resistance, and Responsibility."  The Responsibilities of Rhetoric.  Ed.  Michelle Smith and Barbara Warnick.  Long Grove, IL:  Waveland, 2010.  249-62.  Print.

"'Anti-American Studies' in the Deep South: Dissenting Rhetorics, the Practice of Democracy, and Academic Freedom in Wartime Universities."  Co-authored with Catherine Chaput.  College Composition and Communication. 58.4 (June 2007):  648-81.  Print. 

"'Good Citizens' in a Twenty-First-Century University:  Institutional Texts, Social Class, and the (Anti-)Democratic Politics of Place."  Open Words:  Access and  English Studies.  5.2 (Oct. 2011).  (39 typescript pages).  Forthcoming.

"Watching Ourselves:  Feminist Teachers and Authority."  In "A Symposium on Feminist Experiences in the Composition Classroom."  (Co-authored with Jill Eichhorn, Sara Farris, Karen Hayes, Adriana Hernandez, Susan C. Jarratt, and Marian Sciachitano.)  College Composition and Communication.  43.3 (Oct. 1992): 311-15.  Print. Rpt. in Feminisms and Composition:  A Critical Sourcebook.  Ed. Kirsch, Gesa E., et al.  New York: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2003.  376-80.  Print.

"'Where We Are Is Who We Are':  Location, Professional Identity, and the Two-Year College."  The Politics of Writing in the Two-Year College.  Co-authored with Jeff Sommers.  Ed. Barry Alford and Keith Kroll. Portsmouth, NH:  Boynton/ Cook, 2001.  19-41.  Print.

Research Areas
  • Rhetoric and the Politics of Higher Education
  • Feminist Rhetorical Historiography

 National Council of Teachers of English

Conference on College Composition and Communication

Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition

Rhetoric Society of America

Rhetoric Review Association of America

Rhetoricians for Peace

Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment

American Association of University Professors

Dr. M. Karen Powers
Department of English

Fall 2011

M/W 11:45-12:45

T/R 12:05-12:45

and by appointment

Phone: 330-339-3391
Spring 2014
  • ENG 21011 - 805 College Writing Ii
  • ENG 25005 - 800 Literature In The Us Ii
Fall 2014
  • ENG 21011 - 804 College Writing Ii
  • ENG 33002 - 800 U . S . Lit From 1865 To 1945