Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the faculty governing body for Kent State University. It is primarily concerned with matters of university educational policies, curriculum, academic and professional standards, and the establishment, discontinuance and major alteration of academic programs. The senate also possesses shared responsibilities and advisory responsibilities. In addition, the Faculty Senate may consider other matters pertaining to the welfare and mission of the university.
  • Currently, there are 48 Senators representing 21 different electorates, 27 non-voting Ex-Officio members, and 3 Observers (1 Emeritus Professor, 1 Graduate Student Senate, and 1 Undergraduate Student Senate).
  • Senators are elected each year on a rotating basis for three-year terms.
  • Each year, the Senators elect the Executive Committee, which consists of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and an At-Large member.
  • In addition, 2 appointed members are selected for the Executive Committee.

2017-2018 Executive Committee Members

  • Deborah C. Smith,  Chair
  • Kathryn S. Wilson,  Vice Chair
  • Kathryn A. Kerns, Secretary
  • Edward Dauterich,  At-Large
  • Farid S. Fouad,  Appointed Member
  • Robin S. Vande Zande,  Appointed Member

Senators for AY16-17 (PDF) 

Ex-Officio & Observers for AY16-17 (PDF)