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Health Policy & Management offers two options for undergraduates: Allied Health and Health Services Administration.

The Allied Health concentration allows a student to apply the learning they received from their licensure to the Bachelor of Science in Public Health while the Health Services Administration concentration is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in health care management, as well as establish a foundation for graduate work in health policy and management.

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Masters Degree

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The Masters of Public Health in Health Policy and Management at Kent State University Department of Health Policy and Management trains students to address public health risks and develop effective health services delivery models.



The PhD in Public Health specializing in Health Policy and Management at Kent State University prepares students for a career in public health research, which demands interdisciplinary skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing field. 

Doctoral students in the health policy and management specialization will learn to design and implement studies and use advanced quantitative methods to examine critical and emerging health issues. Now accepting applications. To find out more please visit:

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Post graduate diploma

The course prepares the participants for the world of procurement and supply chain of healthcare products. It provides a solid overview of PSM issues including the role of government policies, donors, manufacturers, procurement agents and more. The course is targeted at health professionals in public health programs (donors, government, NGOs, civil society, academia) and people interested in working in supply chain / logistics.

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Office of Public Health Practice and Partnerships

Center for Public Policy and Health (CPPH)

The Center for Public Policy and Health (CPPH), formerly known as the Center for Public Administration and Public Policy, is devoted to improving public and nonprofit sector performance through research, technical assistance and training.