The Prevention and Preparedness concentration of the BSPH offers the student a unique view of public health. Courses introduce the concepts of preparedness and prevention by alerting the student to common injuries requiring first aid or ergonomic correction.

The student is then introduced to hazardous materials and safety issues that are common in environmental and occupational environments. Finally, more advanced courses teach the student the practical sides of preparedness and prevention by (1) explaining the mechanisms by which chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards impact public health; (2) using epidemiological methods to trace criminal activities; and (3) demonstrating how the public health practitioner partners with others in the first responder community to provide joint leadership. This concentration is offered at Kent State University at Trumbull.

Prevention and Preparedness (12 hours)

Offered at the Trumbull Campus Only

Course Number Title
PH 40040 Forensic Epidemiology
PH 40050 PH & First Responder Linkages
PH 30040 PH Laboratory Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness
PH 40020 Disaster Preparedness