Customized Adventure Programs

Create your own adventure! Whether you are looking for some personal fun or have a group of people in mind, the Adventure Center is the perfect place to help you hand-craft your custom adventure experience. From instruction to teambuilding to group outings, our experienced staff will work with you to meet your needs.

Program Rates

Program (Group Size) University Non-Profit Corporate
Archery (6 - 15) $60/hour $100/hour $140/hour
Backpacking (6 - 15) $500/night $750/night $1,000/night
Camping (6 - 15) $500/night $750/night $1,000/night
Canoeing (4 - 8) $60/hour $100/night $140/hour
Geocaching $60/hour $100/night $140/hour
Kayaking (5 - 10) $60/hour $100/night $140/hour
8-hour Ohio Boating Education Course (10+) $20/person $30/person $40/person
Orienteering (6 - 15) $60/hour $100/hour $140/hour
Rappelling (10+) $10/person $15/person $20/person
Rock Climbing (10+) $10/person $15/person $20/person