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Spring 2016 

Due to high volume registration transactions during peak times, you may experience slow system response.

  • Registration priority is determined by student level: Graduate or Undergraduate
    • Undergraduate Students: Priority is also determined by the total number or earned credit hours and registered credit hours that are in progress.
      • Earned Credit Hours: Includes all earned Kent State University coursework and all accepted external coursework.
      • To determine your time to register or to see if you have an advising requirement that prevents registration, access your Registration Status page located under your Student Tools and Courses tab on FlashLine.
      • Your registration status is subject to change, so please check your Registration Status page often.
    • Please note that registration dates and times are subject to change.  
      • Registration opens at 12:01 a.m. on the Starting Date.
      • Check back often to verify your start date and time.
Student Level Total Number of Earned and In-Progress Credit Hours Starting Date Ending Date
Graduate Students NA TBA TBA
Undergraduate Students Greater than or equal to 121.000 TBA TBA
110 - 120.999 TBA TBA
98 - 109.999 TBA TBA
90 - 97.999 TBA TBA
81 - 89.999 TBA TBA
75 - 80.999 TBA TBA
69 - 74.999 TBA TBA
60 - 68.999 TBA TBA
49 - 59.999 TBA TBA
45 - 48.999 TBA TBA
40 - 44.999 TBA TBA
30 - 39.999 TBA TBA
17 - 29.999 TBA TBA
16 - 16.999 TBA TBA
15 - 15.999 TBA TBA
14 - 14.999 TBA TBA
  0 - 13.999 TBA TBA
All Students: Open Registration Dates NA TBA TBA

Please note not all registration activity may result in a bill being generated prior to a due date. Students can view their student account information through their FlashLine account.Please visit the Bursar's Office for tuition payment deadlines and important billing information.

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