Amy Sato

Amy Sato

Examining Obesity in Low-Income Teens

Low-income teenagers face a high risk of becoming obese. And they are vulnerable to stress-induced eating, living in neighborhoods where it may be unsafe to go outside or in families where food and money are scarce.

In a study funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), psychologist Amy Sato recruits subjects from the community, including area schools and social service agencies, and examine how stress affects the risk for obesity in low-income adolescents.

Researchers at Kent State work on challenges we face as a society – in health care, energy and sustainability. Their cultural and artistic endeavors enrich our lives and their scholarship adds to the body of knowledge that informs and intrigues us. Their examples of research and scholarship foster a culture of student research.

Here are some of the researchers profiled in recent news and feature stories.

John West
A researcher goes to market
“If you want to learn the ropes of doing everything, come to a start-up.”

Colleen Novak
What is the brain’s role in obesity?
“About one third of adults in the U.S. are obese and another one third are overweight. I’m interested in that other one third…”

Joseph Ortiz
Clearing the waters of Lake Erie
His research will help provide a baseline for assessing the effectiveness of measures to slow the growth of toxic algae blooms.

Oleg Lavrentovich
Liquid crystals captivate and compel
“Once you observe them under a microscope, you’re addicted.”

Richard Ferdig
Connecting citizen scientists
“We’re really interested in advancing informal science learning…”

Margaret Calkins
Designing for comfort and health
“There is a lot of work still to be done in senior living communities.”

Antál Jakli
Discovering deep blue in a liquid crystal
This opens “a rich world of learning more about structure color throughout nature.”

James Tyner
Geographer puts violence in its place
Halfway around the world in Cambodia, he relates the violence of the killing fields to its landscape.

Heather Caldwell
How a hormone affects aggression
“If we understand the basics, it may provide insights into other species, including humans.”

Brian Peters
Architecture’s digital future
His laboratory is one of the “gardens of digital design” on the Kent State campus

Kristy Welshhans
Will Down syndrome one day be treated in utero?
“If we can figure out what’s happening in utero, maybe we can develop strategies to treat the disorder.”


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