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SAS Online Services

SAS Online Services is a web-based tool for students registered with Student Accessibility Services that allows you to email accommodation letters to your professors. Students utilizing testing accommodations will also use SAS Online Services to schedule any exams or quizzes that you want to complete in the SAS office. General guidelines and step-by-step tutorials for accessing SAS Online Services are provided below.

SAS Online Services general guidelines:
  • Once you have completed your registration with SAS, you will receive an email with a temporary username and password that you can use to login to SAS Online Services. After successfully logging in with your temporary username and password, you will be prompted to create a personalized username and password. You may then update or edit your profile, request accommodation letters, and schedule exam or quiz appointments (if applicable).
  • You must request accommodation letters through SAS Online Services each semester in order to access your accommodations. The SAS staff will process your requests and email your accommodation letter to you and your professor. Please note, accommodation letter requests are typically processed only during office hours. Please make sure to request your accommodations in a timely manner as some accommodations require advanced preparation and planning.
  • It is important to request your accommodation letters prior to or at the start of the semester as your professors are not obligated to provide you with classroom accommodations until you have provided your accommodation letter and, in most cases, accommodations are not applied retroactively.
  • It is also important to remember that if you drop or add a class throughout the semester, you are responsible for updating your accommodation letter requests in SAS Online Services. 
  • SAS recommends that you meet with your professors at the beginning of each semester to discuss your accommodation needs for the class. Make certain that you are familiar with the syllabus and the course requirements so that you can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the application of your accommodations. Please remember that you do not need to identify the nature of your disability to your professors; however, many students have found it helpful to discuss their specific learning styles with their professors. 
Tutorials for using SAS Online Services: