Ph.D. in Communication & Information Curriculum


  • Read the course descriptions in the most current graduate catalog. To get to course descriptions: select the appropriate catalog year > Course Information (left navigation) > Course Description Search > select semester > select program:
    • CCI = Communication and Information
    • COMM = Communication Studies
    • JMC = Journalism and Mass Communication
    • LIS = Library and Information Science
    • ​IAKM = Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (includes courses in health informatics, knowledge management and user experience design)
  • Refer to the College of Communication and Information Ph.D. website for more information, including the program philosophy and goals, sample programs of study and a list of doctoral faculty research interests.

Core Courses (21 credit hours)

  • CCI 80000 Foundations of Communication and Information Inquiry (3)
  • CCI 80001 Introduction to Research in Communication and Information (3)

Theory courses

  • One communication theory course from COMM, JMC or VCD (3)
    • COMM 75652 Theories of Communication
    • JMC 80001 Theory of Mass Communication
    • Other as approved by committee
  • One information theory course from LIS or IAKM (3)
    • IAKM 80002 Knowledge Organization Structures, Systems and Services
    • IAKM 81095 Special Topics: Human Information Interaction
    • LIS 80613 Information Needs, Seeking and Use
    • LIS 80641 Information Storage and Retrieval Systems
    • LIS 80644 Information Science
    • Other as approved by committee

Research Methods courses

(May be selected from the courses in the College of Communication and Information listed below or, with approval of the student’s academic advisor, may be chosen from any appropriate Kent State University graduate offerings):

  • One quantitative research methods course (3)
    • COMM 75020 Quantitative Research Methods in Communication
  • One qualitative research methods course (3)
    • COMM 75040 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication
    • JMC 80010 Qualitative Research in JMC: Data Collection
  • One statistics course (3)

Electives (24 credit hours)

  • Electives are selected with the approval of the student’s academic advisor and program planning committee to support the student’s research interests.
  • Students planning to enter the professoriate should include CCI 80094 College Teaching in Communication and Information (3) in their electives.
  • In special cases, and with approval, up to 12 credit hours of coursework taken at the 50000 or 60000 level (excluding workshops) may be counted toward completion of the Ph.D. degree. All coursework applied to Ph.D. degree requirements must be taken within the university’s time limits for the completion of a degree.

Examples of Electives

  • COMM 86503 Health Communication and Media Effects
  • IAKM 80306 Organizational Culture Assessment
  • JMC 80004 Cybermedia Law
  • LIS 80637 Metadata Architecture and Implementation

Dissertation (30 credit hours)

  • CCI 80199 Dissertation I

For more information, visit the CCI Ph.D. website.