Ph.D. in Communication & Information Program Requirements

Course Requirements

Requires a total of 75 semester hours as follows:

  • 45 credit hours (minimum) of graduate credit beyond the master’s degree 
  • 30 credit hours of dissertation

Program Planning

The doctoral program has a flexible structure. It is designed to provide both a broad interdisciplinary core of knowledge about communication and information theory and research, and a focused individualized program of study you will develop in consultation with your advisor and committees. You should begin developing your program of study during your first semester and have it approved by your academic advisor and Program Planning Committee when you have completed at least 15 credit hours.

Students are expected to be engaged in a variety of research projects before they begin dissertation work. Those students seeking a more traditional doctoral preparation may wish to adopt model programs of study in such areas as interpersonal communication, health communication, mass communication, mediated communication, library and information science, information architecture or knowledge management. (See the Forms Library in the Ph.D. handbook for Sample Programs of Study.) 

Students also are given freedom to create unique programs of study combining various facets of the disciplines within the college. All proposed programs of study will be subject to review by the Doctoral Studies Committee (DSC).

For more information, visit the CCI Ph.D. website.