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Course Prerequisite Override Request

Use this online form to request for a course override in Banner. This form is submitted directly to Laurie Camp for approval. If the request is unable to be processed for any reason, the student and instructor will be notified via email. If approved, the override will be placed on the system within 48 hours of the request. 

It is the student's responsibility to register for the class. If the student has additional difficulties registering for the class, he/she should visit the Office of Student Services, 132 Main Hall. Questions can be directed to Laurie Camp at 330-244-3285 or

Advising Referral System

As part of Kent State Stark's Master Advising Plan (MAP), the following online referral forms are to be used to direct students to a variety of services or department coordinators to assist in academic success and persistence. 

Please complete the form with the student and print a copy for the student's records. Following up on this referral and contacting the appropriate services is the responsibility of the student.

Once the form is submitted, it will be sent directly to the main contact for each of the service areas or academic department. Questions can be directed to Diane Walker at 330-244-3256 or

Service Referral Forms:

Program Referral Forms: