Computer Design, Animation & Game Design

Computer Design, Animation & Game Design at Kent State Stark

Students new to this bachelor's degree can complete all of the coursework at Kent State Stark. Students have the option of taking these courses in-person, through web-based sections or a hybrid of the two, based on availability.

Finish at StarkBachelor of Science in Technology | CDAGD Concentration

The computer design, animation and game design concentration within the Bachelor of Science degree gives students the skills and academic knowledge necessary to enter the field of computer animation. Designing in virtual environments, computer-aided design, modeling and game design, and through courses in 2D, 3D and experimental animations, students learn theory and practice modern techniques and artistic applications. Drawings and illustrations are brought to life on digital video or film through the effective use of the latest software for capturing and animating hand-drawn or digitally created imagery.

In addition, students experience creative possibilities as they explore artistic options and processes through experimental animation and modeling. Combining these modern theories of visual creation with digital imaging, motion capture, multimedia, computer animation and film production, graduates of this program will be prepared for jobs in modeling and technical illustration, as well as in artistic production, exhibition, broadcast and in the fast-growing field of game design.

Why Study Computer Design, Animation & Game Design?

  • Job growth and career opportunities are the greatest in high-technology fields.
  • Learn computer-aided design (CAD) to produce graphic images.
  • Learn multimedia techniques to integrate CAD designs, photorealistic images, sound, text and video clips into audiovisual presentations.
  • Graduates are working at companies such as Walt Disney, Gaslight Press (adventure gaming), EIS Creative Media, Diebold and Tarulli Video Productions.

Computer Design, Animation & Game Design prepares you for positions related to:

  • Modeling
  • Media and Web design
  • Virtual reality animation production
  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Technical illustration
  • CAD design, manufacturing, architecture and civil engineering

2+2 Degree Option
Students who have completed an associate degree in applied science can complete the last two years of this bachelor's degree through an articulation agreement.

Interested associate degree holders should contact Ryan Bucher to learn how their previous coursework will translate into this degree option.