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Kent State University is ranked among the nation's top public research universities for good reason. We encourage all students to work closely with faculty members, and engage in scholarly research and creative activities. Through engagement in research, students at all levels develop new skills, broaden their career options, bring classroom concepts to life, share in the excitement of discovery, collaborate with others, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their chosen field. This contribution can be in the form of new knowledge, interpretation of knowledge, or artistic/creative performance.

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Benefits of Participating in Research


"Research is a focus that can be used to extend global connections, build new expanded graduate programs, and the real goal, obviously, is to prepare students to face an uncertain future. To have success with research, you have to have a passion for scientific inquiry and creative pursuit."
-Paul DiCorleto, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs



Research provides students opportunities to:

Enhance ability in communicating through various methods

Work with other peers and professionals, individually or as a group

Engage and empower hands-on learning

Enhance the student learning experience through mentoring relationships with faculty

Provide effective career preparation and promotes graduate education

Develop critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, self confidence, and intellectual independence

Learn about issues, methods, and trends in a research area

Natalia Roman | Undergraduate Research Symposium Participant


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