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Terms & Conditions

TechHelp: Service and Repair Center Terms & Conditions (Updated Fall 2012) Download the Terms and Conditions (PDF)

By checking in your computer or mobile device at The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center, you must agree to the following: 

  1. Liability:  I agree to have TECHnicians perform the necessary work on my device.  I will not hold Kent State University or any of its employees liable for damage that may occur to my device during this process.
  2. Electronic Signature:  I certify that the information I have entered into the check-in system is accurate and that I am a current Kent State University student, faculty or staff member.  By continuing, I agree to abide by all Kent State University and Tech Help: Service and Repair Center terms and policies.  This electronic form serves as my signature.
  3. Service:  I understand that, in the course of servicing my device,  TECHnicians may install critical security updates, patches and service packs and remove any malicious software.  TECHnicians may also clean or dust my computer hardware.
  4. Pricing:  I have reviewed The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center pricing and agree to any service charges that may be incurred.  I am aware that sales items will be charged separately from services.  If The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center orders sales items on my behalf, I agree to pay all applicable charges and order handling fees.  Payment for service and sales items is due upon return of my device.
  5. Warranty Period:  I have one week after my device is returned to me to bring the device back for the same issue at no charge.
  6. Pickup Time:  I will pick up my computer within 3 business days after I am contacted for pick-up or may be charged a $10 Late Pick-Up Fee.   I understand that The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center will dispose of or recycle computers that remain in the office for more than three (3) months after reasonable pick-up notice is given.  If my computer and/or sales items remain unclaimed, The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center may place the applicable charges on my university bursar account.
  7. Payment:  The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) and FLASHcash ONLY as payment.  I must bring my receipt and KSU FLASHcard with me when I pick up my computer.  Devices will NOT be returned without photo identification.  Other individuals may not pick up my computer in my absence unless I have given prior approval to The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center.
  8. Turnaround Time:  Devices are handled on a time available basis, but may take up to ten (10) business days to be fully repaired.  
  9. Procedures:  Employees will perform the procedures detailed on my work order receipt.  These procedures are only general guidelines and may be altered on a case by case basis.  I will be informed in advance of any additional charges for any additional services performed.
  10. Restrictions:  I may request service on two (2) personal computers or mobile devices throughout the academic year.
  11. TECHcare:  If purchasing TECHcare, I understand the restrictions on services covered under this agreement and am aware that sales items (such as hard drives and memory) are applied in addition to the TECHcare fee.  I agree to only utilize each TECHcare package on a single computer throughout the semester (with the allowance of 1 device transfer per year).
  12. Disposal:  If my computer's hard drive is determined to be nonfunctional, I may elect to have its data permanently erased and the drive recycled. 
  13. Abandonment:  For any device left in The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center office for more than three (3) months after the repair is completed and the customer is notified for pickup, The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center will wipe all data from the device and will consider the computer abandoned.  The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center will dispose of the computer and the data will not be saved under any circumstances.  By checking in your device to The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center office, I agree to and understand this policy.



  1. Data Safety:  The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center recommends that you first attempt to backup your data to external media to ensure that your data is safe.  You should also remove any sensitive information from the machine (if possible) prior to bringing it to The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center office.
  2. Recovery:  If performing recovery, we cannot guarantee successful recovery of your data.  We will use our software to recover legitimate data only.  Music files, movies, video and extremely large files are low priority and may not be recovered due to space and liability reasons.  If no data is recovered, we will waive any backup/recovery fees.  You may elect to contact a third-party company to perform data recovery.
  3. Data Loss:  The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center is not responsible for data loss or corruption during the service period.
  4. Reformat:  If a format of your computer’s hard drive is being performed, you must have a valid operating system license key available (Windows, Mac OS X).  If you do not have your original operating system license key, you must purchase a new license from a retailer.
  5. Software:  Third-party programs, such as Microsoft Office and other utilities may be lost during a hard drive reformat.  You are responsible for reinstalling these programs using a valid license key after the format is complete.  In most cases, The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center can reinstall these programs for you if you both provide both the original software and license key.
  6. Storage Time:  The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center will save your data for a maximum of two (2) weeks (not including service time).  If alternate storage media (another computer, hard drive, flash drive, DVD, etc.) is not provided by the user within this time period, the data will be DELETED permanently.  The Tech Help: Service and Repair Center will backup data to a maximum of one (1) DVD or CD.  Data backup/recovery fees may apply.