The Link Art Gallery

The Link Art Gallery at Kent State University at Trumbull exhibits emerging and established regional and national artists.

A wide variety of exhibitions are staged throughout the year. The Gallery is open Monday thru Thursday, 3-7 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

For information on exhibiting, or on the current exhibitions, contact Phillip Buntin, assistant professor of art, at

Exhibition 1

Ron Wilson
September 15-October 9

Ron Wilson is a professor at Case Western Reserve University, and has a genuine knack for recreating the images of his favorite artworks. From paintings to sculptures, he produces uncanny sketches of museum treasures from the corners of exhibition halls, mostly unnoticed by art admirers around him. 

Exhibition 2

Christopher Ryan
October 27-November 20

For nearly a decade, Ryan's primary body of artwork has addressed the convergence of the material culture of the past and the residue of contemporary society. Referencing the narrative designs of ancient and medieval mosaic and inlaid stone floors from Italy, his paintings have juxtaposed this imagery with objects and debris from contemporary life in order to establish new relationships. The “dialogue” created between contrasting elements (old and new, public and private, sacred and profane, etc.), suggests enigmatic events transpired or allegories that address themes that are both autobiographical and universal. In his work, the floor plane itself has served as a metaphor for the surroundings that we navigate daily, but often treat with ambivalence, disregard, or disrespect. A sort of “low-impact visual archaeology,” consisting of observing, sketching, making rubbings, and photographic documentation has been his process of gathering on-site source material for his work.

Exhibition 3