Online Writing Lab

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The Learning Center supports an Online Writing Lab (OWL) as a component of its tutoring services.

The OWL's primary focus is to offer students an opportunity to interact with English tutors, and receive constructive input on writing assignments and related questions when time does not permit them to visit the Learning Center in person.

Who Can Use the OWL?
All Kent State students can use the OWL. 

How Can I Send You My Request?
Attach a copy of your paper (Word document only) and send to Please make sure to include the following in the body of the email:

  • Course name
  • Instructor name
  • Details about the assignment
  • Details on the type of assistance you are seeking. Please note that OWL tutors do not provide proofreading services

Who Reads My Message, and How Quickly Will They Respond?
Submissions are received by the Academic Services coordinator, who then assigns each submission to a writing tutor. Students will receive an email confirming receipt of submission. Responses from the OWL usually occur within one to two business days.

How Will the OWL Staff Respond to My Request?
OWL tutors respond to papers by including the original text in their reply message, which will:

  • Allow tutors to insert comments directly into the text
  • Allow students to view both their own text and tutor comments on screen when they receive the return message

All OWL tutorial responses are securely recorded and stored by the academic services coordinator.