Programs & Services

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching aims to increase student success by moving students toward intentional goal achievement with a personalized action plan.

Common Reading Program

The Common Reading Program is designed to welcome and connect incoming students to the Kent State University academic community. It is our hope that reading the book will provide common ground for our new students to share with their peers. 


Available services offered through Kent State University to help you succeed in your studies and help you achieve your overall academic goal.

Peer Leaders

A Kent State Peer Leader is an undergraduate student that assists with any or all of the Destination Kent State Programs, Kupita/Transiciones, EXCEL Living Learning Community, and/or Transfer Kent State.

National Student Exchange Program

Since 1968 the National Student Exchange (NSE) provides opportunities for undergraduate students to study for one semester or one academic year at another NSE member college or university. You can choose from more than 180 colleges and universities to meet your personal interests and academic needs. NSE campuses extend beyond the borders of the United States to include U.S. territories and Canadian Provinces.

University Advising

Advising is a relationship that begins the first semester through graduation. Advisor and student work together to create an environment of personal and academic growth.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an international program offered by the Academic Success Center that provides free, peer-facilitated group study sessions for certain large, historically difficult courses (30% D, F, and withdrawal rate).

Success Coaching

Success Coaching moves students toward achieving their academic goals while focusing on school and life balance.

Experiential Learning Requirements (ELR)

Experiential learning can be viewed as a strategy to encourage students to practice using the knowledge and skills developed at Kent State to give back, engage, and support real needs within communities.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research, scholarship, and creative Activities describe collaborations between students and faculty members in the sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is inquiry into an area or investigation that allows an undergraduate student to make a unique contribution (intellectual, original, or creative) to their field.