Technology Support

All Kent State University faculty, staff, and students rely on Technology on a daily basis.

The Technical Support Team in Undergraduate Studies takes pride in our support service to a variety of users in several departments on campus.

In addition to Undergraduate Studies, we currently provide support for Student Success Programs, Graduate Studies, Research & Sponsored Programs, Upward Bound, and several student organizations. We also assist other areas on campus when time allows.

Meet Our Staff


Web Developers

This position involves leading custom web development throughout the entire project life cycle.  You will experience the freedom of building custom web sites using your own leadership and programming skills.  Our web developers are capable of full cycle project leadership including application architecture, design input, site layout/user interface, database design/programming, and .NET development.

Desktop Support

The desktop support group responds to support tickets, phone calls, and emails for users in the areas we support.  They are responsible for maintaining and updating tickets and troubleshooting any hardware issues.  They provide support for desktop and printers.  Some tasks include installing new software and setting up new desktops for users in our area.  We also make technology purchases, repair, upgrade, and update equipment, and relocate equipment if needed.  We also provide support for needs assessments for US staff and programs. 

Web & Media Designers

The media team designs and creates webpages for the areas that we support. The skill set within the team stretches from webpages to graphics, banners, booklets, and more! Our Web & Media Designers strive to create fun and lively content that students and faculty can enjoy and interact with.