The annual Kent State University Aeronautics Fair, taking place at the KSU Airport/Andrew Paton Field, has been a fixture in the Stow/Kent community for more than two decades. However, the College of Aeronautics and Engineering-funded event must be suspended to focus on the construction of a new academic building at Andrew Paton Field.

We welcome your donations for the new building in hopes of speeding up the construction initiative. For those of you who loyally attended the event, we thank you for spending your time with us. For those who made financial and time commitments to making the fair successful, you have been equally invaluable, and we hope to work with you again soon. 

Aeronautics Fair Committee

Maureen McFarland, Ph.D.
Jessica Tremayne-Farkas
Sheila Lyons
Benjamin Satyshur
Tony Bistranski
Robert Christy
1G3 Alumni Chapter
Connie Dooley
Brian Neff
Dave Poluga

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Kent State University is a smoke-free, tobacco-free university. In alignment with this initiative, the Aeronautics Fair will observe a smoke-free, tobacco-free policy. This applies to the use of various nicotine and non-nicotine related devices, including inside vehicles parked at the event. For full policy information, visit


  • The information contained here reflects the 2017 Kent State University Aeronautics Fair and is purely for reference. 

  • The 2017 Kent State University Aeronautics Fair Keynote Speakers were Roy S. Richardson and Ken Ramsay. They shared stories about their personal experiences in the military. 

  • The Kent State University Airport collected pet food and supplies for local animal shelters and rescue organizations located in Portage and Summit counties. Our goal was to collect 2,000 pounds of food and supplies by November 13.