Criteria for Tenure and Promotion of Tenure Track Faculty of Regional Campuses

Regional campus candidates for promotion and tenure will be reviewed both at the unit and regional campus level according to the University Policy and Procedures outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


The School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration recognizes that there may be differences in both mission and teaching load at the Regional Campuses. The University Policy regarding Faculty tenure and promotion outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement recognizes that different Faculty roles and rank may foster differential weighting of criteria. These differences will be recognized and considered during deliberations and evaluation of Regional Campus Faculty.


Regional campus Faculty must therefore include an explanatory narrative in their contextual statement regarding the mission of the regional campus to which they are appointed and explaining their specific responsibilities and activities in light of that mission. As is the case for Kent campus Faculty appointments, University Citizenship expectations for Regional Campus Faculty increase during a Faculty member’s career and, therefore, candidates for promotion to Professor will be held to a higher standard in relation to these activities.


The following criteria are considered when evaluating Regional Campus Faculty:


·    Quality of scholarship (See, Tables 1A and 1B, page 30-31)

·    Quality of teaching (See, Table 2, page 33)

·    Quality of service and citizenship (See, Table 3, page 35)


The documentation of these criteria must be consistent with the guidelines on pages 25-36 of this Handbook.