Criteria, Performance Expectations, and Academic Unit Procedures Relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

Salary adjustments for full-time, tenure track and non-tenure track faculty are negotiated by the University and AAUP-KSU. Such adjustments may be specified as across-the-board percentages, fixed amounts, and/or adjustments based upon merit performance or other factors identified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. When available, Faculty Excellence Awards are based upon University guidelines, and criteria and procedures established by the department. Currently, such guidelines specify that Faculty Excellence Awards will be in three broadly-defined categories: 1) Teaching, 2)Service and 3) Research. The weights given to each are 40 percent for teaching, 20 percent for service, and 40 percent for research. In considering teaching, the Department will consider the quantity and quality of a) courses taught, b) involvement with dissertations/MA theses/honors theses/independent studies, c) teaching awards/honors, d) teaching grants, e) instructional innovations/teaching development activities/significant curricular revisions, f) published scholarship of teaching, g) presentations, h) academic advising of students, i) efforts in support of student recruitment and retention, and j) other. In considering service, the Department will consider the quantity and quality of a) service on committees, b) professional/public service, and c) other. Likewise, research will include the quantity and quality of a) research published or accepted for publication, b) research grants, c) presentations, d) research awards/honors, e) work in progress, and f) other.

Each time there are Faculty Excellence Awards, existing Faculty Excellence Award criteria and Department procedures are to be reviewed and modified, if desirable, by the FAC, subject to the approval of the Chair.  The Chair is to distribute all relevant material to all regular full-time continuing tenure-track Faculty.  Faculty are to submit materials by the announced date for review, evaluation, and assessment of achievement using the Faculty Excellence Awards submission form of the Department.  The latest submission form developed by the Department is appended to this Handbook as Appendix A.  Using the total dollar figure of funds available in each Faculty Excellence Awards category, individual FAC members are to review, evaluate, and make recommendation as to the appropriate Faculty Excellence Award for all eligible faculty members who have applied, excepting themselves, to the Chair.  The Chair will provide summary statistics of these recommendations to all regular full-time continuing tenure-track Faculty. 

If a faculty member requests a special salary adjustment, as specified in Article XII, Section 2 of the CBA, the request must be presented to the Dean in writing with a copy to the Chair.  These requests shall be reviewed by the FAC, which will make a recommendation to the Chair.  The Chair then makes a recommendation to the Dean.  If a faculty member receives an external salary offer, potential counter offers may be considered by the FAC.  The FAC would make a recommendation to the Chair, who would then make a recommendation to the Dean.