Department Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee advises the Chairperson on all curricular actions and academic policies concerning the Department's programs and courses except for those responsibilities explicitly assigned elsewhere in the Department handbook.  The Department Curriculum Committee is comprised of four (4) members, as appointed by the Department Chairperson in consultation with the FAC.  The Department Chairperson serves as an ex-officio member.  Every other year, at its first meeting of the academic year, the Committee will elect a Chair of the Committee for a two-year term.  A faculty member and an alternate are elected in the Spring Semester of the Academic year prior to the year of service, by and from the Department Curriculum Committee, to represent the Department on the College Curriculum Committee.  Also from the Department Curriculum Committee a representative to the Curriculum Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences and an alternate are elected.   Minutes of each Department Curriculum Committee meeting are to be taken and distributed to the Faculty in a timely manner.