Department Meetings

Departmental meetings are scheduled by the Department Chairperson.  There will be at least one scheduled Departmental meeting of the Faculty (tenured and tenure-track faculty) and the full-time non-tenure track faculty at the Kent Campus and within the Regional Campus system per semester.  Normally the first Departmental meeting will be convened within the first four weeks of the academic year.  Departmental meetings may also be convened at the request of at least one-half of the Faculty.   An agenda of items to be covered at the meeting is circulated prior to such scheduled meeting.  Additional suggested agenda items may be submitted to the Department Chairperson in writing.  If a majority of the Faculty requests, in writing to the Chairperson, that an agenda item be added, the Chairperson must include this item.  A simple majority, including the Department Chairperson but not including faculty on leave, constitutes a quorum for Departmental meetings.  Minutes of each Departmental meeting are to be taken and distributed to the Faculty in a timely manner.  Only Faculty members are eligible to vote on all Departmental issues related to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, unless otherwise stipulated by College/University or CBA policy.  A simple majority vote is required to approve all Departmental motions and to elect committee members.