Evaluation of Instruction

All Faculty members are required to have their teaching evaluated.  In accordance with University policy, all class sections must be evaluated by students using a procedure and teaching evaluation form provided by the Department, College, and University.  Student evaluations may be supplemented by faculty peer evaluations.  If peer evaluations are used, such evaluations shall be administered in a format approved by the FAC.

Probationary faculty should generally be observed teaching by a senior faculty member every other year (preferably in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th years).  The senior faculty member will meet and provide feedback to the probationary faculty member and also provide a written evaluation of teaching for the candidate’s file.  It is preferable to have the probationary faculty observed by more than one senior faculty member during the probationary period, and the FAC determines who will do the observation.

For merit, reappointment, tenure, promotion, or any other occasion which requires an evaluation of teaching performance, the Department’s permanent reserve archive file containing the teaching evaluations of all faculty shall be used.  The existence of a reserve archive does not relieve faculty members of the obligation to maintain their own file, and the possibility of items being lost or missing from the Department archive does not constitute an excuse for a faculty member's failure to produce teaching evaluations when properly called upon to do so.