Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The FAC is an elected body representative of the Faculty and is advisory and recommendatory to the Department Chairperson who is also the ex-officio, non-voting Chairperson of the Committee.  The FAC is concerned with such matters as are central to the Department’s mission.  In accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), such matters include, but are not limited to, the following:

a.         issues concerning reappointment, tenure and promotion, including the nominations of candidates for promotion, and dismissal;

b.         appointment of new Faculty, including issues of rank and salary;

c.         review of full-time non-tenure faculty and part-time faculty;

d.         allocation or reallocation of faculty positions and academic staff positions including new and vacant positions;

e.         program development, restructuring,  and/or discontinuance;

f.          evaluations relating to faculty salary increases and other salary adjustments, when and if applicable;

g.         departmental planning and budget priorities, including review of requests for new funds and allocation of discretionary resources;

h.         selection and structure of committees, including search committees;

i.          issues related to teaching assignments and class schedules, including appropriate application of workload equivalencies;

j.          faculty professional improvement, research, and other leaves;

k.         procedures for the establishment, review and appropriate revision of the Department Handbook;

l.          issues related to the advising and retention of students;

m.        insuring that instructional standards are followed; and

n.         insuring that class and other duties of Faculty members are met.

The FAC shall be representative of the Faculty members of the Department and shall, at all times, be comprised of such persons as shall be determined from time to time by the Faculty members of the Department.  The FAC may comprise, upon the vote of the Faculty, either the entire membership of the Faculty or a smaller group of Faculty members which reflects the composition of the Faculty and which represents the Faculty as a whole.  NTT faculty may be included on the FAC by the vote of the Faculty.  If the Faculty elects to include non-tenure track faculty as members of the FAC, these members shall not participate in personnel decisions regarding tenure-track Faculty members, including but not limited to, appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, merit, or sanctions.  At the first Department meeting each fall semester the Faculty will elect the members of the FAC.  Members elected will serve until the next election of the FAC.  The FAC will communicate with the Departmental Faculty concerning matters on which it has been consulted through the timely distribution of minutes of its meetings and other appropriate means.  A tenured senior Faculty member (Associate or Full professor) shall be elected from and by the FAC to serve as Department representative on the College Advisory Committee (CAC).