Faculty Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty

The Department expects every tenured and tenure track Faculty member to be engaged in research, teaching, and service activities.  The Department is actively involved in graduate education at both the masters and doctoral levels.  A sustained level of appropriate scholarship is expected of all graduate faculty.  All Faculty are expected to maintain the status of Academically Qualified or Professionally Qualified for the purposes of AACSB accreditation.

High quality and current classroom teaching is expected of all faculty members (tenured and tenure track, non-tenure track, and other instructional faculty).  Faculty members must prepare a syllabus for distribution at the beginning of each term in each course they are teaching.  The syllabus should specify the material to be covered in the course, a statement of course objectives, assignments, number of examinations, the manner in which grades are to be determined, the instructor’s office hours, the instructor’s policy with respect to attendance and missed examinations, and other details relevant to the effective conduct of the class.  A copy of the syllabus for each class must be given to the Department secretary. 

All faculty members (tenured and tenure track, non-tenure track, and other instructional faculty), to be accessible to students, must maintain at least five office hours per week.  Any exception requires prior approval of the Department Chairperson.  Office hours must be posted on office doors and communicated to the Department office staff at the beginning of each semester.  Faculty members are expected to schedule appointments with students outside of posted office hours for students who are unable to meet during the scheduled time.

Service to the Department, College, and University is expected of all faculty (tenured and tenure track, non-tenure track, and other instructional faculty).  Service expectations will vary for tenured and tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty, and other instructional faculty.  Such service may be performed by serving on Department, College, and University committees, advising students and student organizations, participating in student recruitment activities, and by performing such special tasks and administrative assignments as may be assigned by the Department Chairperson, the Dean, or other administrative officers of the University. 

Service to the profession and professionally related public service undertaken outside the auspices of the University may also be credited toward meeting the service expectation, provided that such credit is arranged in advance with the Department Chairperson.  Such service is especially appropriate for senior faculty and is strongly encouraged.

By the contractually specified deadline, each continuing tenured Faculty member is to prepare and submit an annual workload summary report.  This report is to identify and update the faculty member's efforts, accomplishment, scholarly contributions, ongoing professional activities, service and interests during that academic year.  These reports will become an ongoing record of each Faculty member's professional activities providing information related to grant activities, collaborative scholarship and teaching activities.  The annual workload summary report submitted by the Faculty member shall be in the form of an annual updated curriculum vitae, a brief summary of the previous year’s professional activities, and the course syllabi for each course or section of course taught by the Faculty member during that academic year.  The Chair shall add to the report copies of the summaries of course evaluations for each course section taught during the academic year.