Full-time, Non-tenure Track Faculty

  1. Criteria for Appointment

    Normally, the requirements for appointment to any rank in this category are the same as for Tenure-track positions outlined in A-1 of this section.  Preferably, NTT faculty will meet AACSB standards for AQ and/or PQ.  The Faculty Advisory Committee of the Department should be consulted by the Chair prior to determining the appropriate rank for a potential new faculty member.  In exceptional cases, an individual not having the required degree or not having the required degree in a field relating to the Departmental assignment, but who has outstanding experience in a field, may be considered for a faculty appointment.

    In cases where a new candidate has been hired for a tenure-track position but is still completing his/her dissertations, the candidate may be appointed as temporary assistant professor.

  2. Recruitment Process

    In recruiting for a full-time, non-tenure track faculty position, the Department Chairperson, in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC), shall institute such procedures and processes for recruitment as may be deemed appropriate, on a case-by-case basis.