Grievance Procedures

  1. Student Grievance Procedures

    Student Academic Complaints shall be initiated and addressed in accordance with the procedures outlined in UPR 4-02.3, Administrative policy and procedure for student academic complaints (which is also published in the Digest of Rules and Regulations).

  2. Faculty Grievance Procedures

    1. Faculty have the option of addressing their complaints directly with the appropriate University officials.

    2. A faculty grievance is a claim based upon an event or condition that affects the terms and conditions of employment stated in and governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Kent State University and the Kent State Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.   The CBA describes the procedures to be followed for a formal grievance.  Prior to contacting the Association about initiating a formal grievance, a faculty member should make a reasonable effort to meet with the departmental chairperson in order to resolve the grievance in an informal manner.