NTT faculty

Reappointment of NTT faculty is based on departmental programmatic and instructional staffing needs, fiscal and budgetary constraints affecting staffing, and satisfaction with fulfillment of duties and responsibilities of employment for the preceding term(s) of employment in an instructional capacity.

Reappointment of NTT faculty is contingent upon documented, continued and consistent evidence of professional growth and proficiency in teaching and service.  NTT faculty members will be reviewed at the end of their first year and at other times as deemed appropriate by the Economics Department and in accordance with the NTT Collective Bargaining Agreement (NTT-CBA).  The collective bargaining agreement for NTT faculty states that “A member of the bargaining unit who has received appointment for three consecutive academic years shall be subject to full performance review during the third year of appointment before a fourth annual appointment can be anticipated or authorized.”

This review is intended to assess (1) whether teaching performance is acceptable and (2) whether the faculty member has stayed active in his/her field, either professionally or academically.  Relevant materials will be collected for this purpose (see section VII.C.), and the FAC will make a recommendation to the Chairperson.  The Chairperson will write a letter of evaluation and assessment and make a recommendation to the Dean.