Other Personnel Actions

  1. Authorization of Absence

    College and University policies govern all absences by faculty members.  It is understood that a faculty member will meet classes at the time scheduled unless some satisfactory alternative arrangement has been authorized.  Faculty members who will be absent from campus for professional or personal reasons must file, in the Department, the Faculty Absence Authorization Form; except under unusual circumstances, the authorization form should be submitted in advance of travel.

    1. Sick Leave

      The University provides paid sick leave for faculty members.  (See UPR 6-11).  Faculty members meeting the conditions for sick leave and unable to meet their classes shall notify the Chairperson so that arrangements for their classes can be made and records can be updated.  A formal request for utilization of sick leave (Form PS-2566 A) will be prepared by the faculty member and submitted to the Chairperson as soon as possible.

    2. Pregnancy Leave

      The Department follows the University policy regarding pregnancy leave as detailed in UPR 6-11.

    3. Travel

      The Department encourages faculty participation in regional, national, and international conferences and other outside professional activities.  Faculty members must file, with the Chairperson, a Faculty Absence Authorization/Expenditure Estimate form well in advance of the activity.  Arrangements for any classes to be missed must have the approval of the Chairperson.  Upon returning from an approved professional activity, the faculty member desiring reimbursement must file a Travel Expense Reimbursement Request form.  Within the limits set by the availability of Departmental travel funds, the amount of reimbursement for incurred professional expenses is determined at the discretion of the Chairperson and by the travel regulations of the University and College.  Faculty members are strongly encouraged to seek travel funds from outside the Department.  (See UPR 7-02.8).

  2. Leaves of Absence/Faculty Professional Improvement Leaves

    Requests for leave are subject to approval by the Chairperson, the Dean of the College and the Provost.  (See UPR 6-11 and 6-12).

    1. Research Leave

      Special research leaves may be authorized by the University.  (See UPR 6-11.8).

    2. Leaves of Absence Without Pay

      Faculty members may request a leave of absence for a legitimate professional or personal reason.  Such leaves may vary from one semester to one year in length.  Leaves of absence involve no compensation from the University.  Requests for leaves of absence for the next academic year shall be filed not later than the first of March.  Requests for leaves which are proposed to begin during the second semester should be filed at the beginning of the fall semester.  Time spent on leave other than a scholarly leave of absence is not considered as part of the probationary period for tenure.  In a request for a leave of absence without pay a faculty member must state the reason for the leave, and indicate whether the leave of absence being requested is scholarly or not.

      The FAC will review requests for leaves of absence without pay, and make a recommendation to the Chair. The Chair must give in writing to the Dean reasons for recommending an individual's request for leave without pay.  (See UPR 6-11.9 for details concerning a leave of absence without pay).

    3. Faculty Professional Improvement Leave

      Faculty Professional Improvement Leaves are available to qualified Faculty when authorized by the University.  Faculty taking such a leave receive all or part of their salary (depending on the length of the leave) and full benefits.  Taking a Faculty Professional Improvement Leave creates an obligation to return to the University and teach for a period specified by University policy.  Since the purpose of a Faculty Professional Improvement Leave is to allow Faculty to improve professional knowledge and skills, faculty requesting such a leave are expected to submit a detailed proposal indicating how this is to be accomplished, and a report following conclusion of the leave.  (See UPR 6-12 and 6-12.101).

  3. Graduate Faculty Status

    Administrative Policy regarding Graduate Faculty membership of the Graduate School of Management is outlined and contained in the University Policy Register (UPR), and the College of Business procedures.