Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

Faculty in the Department of Economics are bound by the provisions and procedures of the Faculty Code of Ethics contained in the University Policy Register (UPR).

  1. Conflict of Interest

    Because employment of a faculty member at Kent State University is a trust conferred by public authority for a public purpose, a faculty member is forbidden from placing himself or herself in a position in which private interest conflicts with public duty.  No faculty member should receive special treatment or favors from other University employees or persons who do business with the University.  No personal advantage, pecuniary or otherwise, should be gained from such employment without prior written approval.  (See UPR 6-23).

  2. Consulting

    Faculty members may engage in consulting activities for remuneration in addition to their employment responsibilities at the University.  However, such outside consulting activities must be scheduled and limited so that they do not interfere with a faculty member’s teaching, research, and service duties at the University.  Prior to accepting continuing remunerative employment, each member of the faculty shall seek and obtain approval from the Chairperson, the Dean, and the Provost or designee.  (See UPR-6-24).