Tenure-track Faculty

  1. Criteria for Appointment

    The regular full-time academic ranks include instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor.  The Faculty Advisory Committee of the Department should be consulted by the Chair prior to determining the appropriate rank for a potential new faculty member.  The following represent minimum qualifications for employment pertaining to each academic rank:

    1. Instructor

      To be appointed as an Instructor, a candidate must have at least a Master’s degree in economics or the equivalent in an appropriate discipline.

    2. Assistant/Associate/Professor

      i.         For appointment to the rank of Assistant Professor, a candidate must minimally possess a doctorate with specialties in the field(s) relating to the Departmental assignment and show promise of excellent teaching and research.  In certain circumstances, a person still completing his/her dissertation may be appointed as a full-time temporary assistant professor, a non-tenure track term position. 

      ii.         For appointment to the ranks of Associate Professor and Professor, the candidate must possess a doctorate with specialties in the field(s) relating to the Departmental assignment and meet the criteria for each rank as specified in Section III.1 on Promotion in this Handbook.

      In exceptional cases, an individual not having the required degree or not having the required degree in a field relating to the Departmental assignment, but who has outstanding experience in a field, may be considered for a faculty appointment.

  2. Recruitment Process

    The Department of Economics supports equal opportunity and affirmative action in its recruiting efforts.  Full-time, regular Faculty positions are advertised nationally.  A Department Search Committee shall be constituted by the Chairperson in consultation with the FAC.  The Search Committee shall be chaired by the Department Chairperson or Chairperson’s designee who may serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member.  The Search Committee evaluates applicants for full-time Faculty positions, and then recommends candidates to the Department Chairperson for interviews.  The Search Committee may conduct a series of screening interviews, usually at professional meetings.  Following preliminary review of candidate files and screening interviews, the Search Committee will recommend several candidates to the Department Chairperson to be invited to visit the campus for in-depth interviews.  When the interview process is complete, the Department Faculty votes on the acceptability of the candidates and on the rank- ordered preference of candidates found to be acceptable.  This vote is advisory to the Department Chairperson who must ultimately recommend any appointment to the Dean of the College.