Tenure-track faculty

a.    The Economics Department FAC will select a departmental representative to serve on the search committee at the regional campus.  The advertisement(s) for the position will be approved by the department prior to be posted.

b.    After the search committee reviews applicant files and selects those they wish to consider further, those applicant files which are to receive further consideration are sent to the Economics Department for approval/disapproval screening.  Applicants not approved receive no further consideration.

c.    As part of the interview schedule, candidates will be interviewed at the Kent Campus by members of the Economics department.  

d.    After the campus visits by all the candidates the Economics Department will report to the search committee which of the candidates are acceptable and which are unacceptable.  The Economics Department may rank order acceptable candidates if they wish to.  The Regional Campus Dean will confer with the Economics Department and the Department will approve rank in the Economics Department only for those candidates the Department finds acceptable.