Faculty Excellence Awards Procedure and Criteria

During years that the university allocates funds for Faculty Excellence Awards (FEA), Faculty members shall receive notice from the School Director of the requirements for the documentation of requests for FEAs and the due date for the submission of this documentation.


Faculty may apply in three, two, or one of the categories. Each Faculty member who applies for an excellence award must provide a current vita and summary evidence of her or his performance for consideration. Unlike promotion and tenure files, actual documentation for merit need not be submitted unless the summary is unclear or is questioned. Works considered "in press" can be included in the evaluation. Faculty are responsible for submitting their documentation materials, in accordance with departmental guidelines (established by the FAC), to the School Director by the due date.


The FAC is the representative body charged with recommending to the Director the criteria and procedures for FEA evaluations. There is no fixed number or percentage of Faculty who should receive awards.