Full Performance Reviews

The full performance reviews of NTT Faculty who are in their third or sixth year of consecutive employment are governed by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. Each academic year, guidelines for the full performance reviews for NTT Faculty at the Kent and Regional Campus are distributed by the Office of the Provost. The full performance review concludes with the College level of review and determination. The period of performance to be reviewed is the three (3) full academic years of consecutive appointments including that portion of the third appointment that is subject to evaluation and assessment at the time of the review.

The following guidelines are provided to assist bargaining unit members in the preparation of the documentation to be submitted for the Full Performance Review. The Full Performance Review file for NTT Faculty in the School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration must include the following items:


A self-evaluation providing an assessment of the candidate's teaching during the period under review, as well as the candidate's performance of other responsibilities, if any;


  1. An up-to-date curriculum vita;

being reviewed.


At his/her discretion, the NTT Faculty member may include other materials that document his/her responsibilities during the period under review.


NTT Faculty will submit an updated file that is presented to the Director who will make these materials available to the Ad Hoc RTP Committee. Each NTT Faculty member is discussed by the committee which votes on a recommendation for renewal of the Faculty member's appointment. The Director independently assesses the accomplishments of each NTT Faculty member and forwards to the Dean her/his recommendation and the committee's recommendation. The Director informs the NTT Faculty member of the Ad Hoc RTP Committee's deliberations and provides the Faculty member a copy of the recommendation that the Director sends to the Dean. NTT Faculty members whose appointments will not be renewed must be notified by the timelines established in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement whether lack of adequate satisfaction with performance or the absence of anticipated continuing programmatic need or budgeted resources to support the position is the reason.


The overall evaluation during the full performance review shall include consideration of the Faculty member's professional behavior as recognized by the University community. A sound ethical approach to all aspects of teaching, research, publication, and the academic profession is expected of all who seek renewal of appointment in the School. Recommendation for a successful full performance review shall be based on the following criteria:


Performance: To be assessed on the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities associated with the assigned track of the candidate (Instructional, Clinical, Practitioner or Research).


Professional Development: To be assessed as it relates to the assigned track of the candidate. University Citizenship: To be assessed as it relates to the assigned track of the candidate.


Evidence of significant accomplishments in both Performance and Professional Development is required. Accomplishments and/or contributions in the area of University Citizenship are neither required nor expected, but will, when they exist, contribute to the NTT Faculty member's overall record of accomplishments.